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February 20-22: Technology Road Mapping Workshop

February 4, 2013

Technology Road Maps (TRM) are strategic planning documents that identify potential gaps in technology areas for long-term success of a company and/or industry. Further to positive feedback from our previous DTAPP Factories of the FutureRoad Mapping roundtable late last year, and as requested by participants in our Emerging Technologies workshops, RRC will be holding a three-day workshop to dig a little deeper into the details of creating and operationalizing TRMs. This hands-on workshop is intended for manufacturing managers or those who are involved in the technology agenda at their organization – or for those who want to learn more about the technology road map process in general. Benefits of this workshop and learning more about TRMs could include: (1) Knowing more about operationalizing a TRM can put your business plan into a broader context of markets and technology; (2) Help identify gaps in skills, technology and funding; (3) Identify opportunity windows for new products and services, as well as productivity, and; (4) Get the chance to network and discuss TRMs with other organizations.
The high-level agenda:
Day 1: Morning – Introduction to the TRM process and how it interfaces to a business plan for small- to medium-sized organizations. Afternoon – Participants dissect the example of the UK Technology Foresight Vehicle TRM.
Day 2:  Morning – A hands-on investigation and analysis of R&D issues around (a) additive manufacturing or (b) robotics and automation (and perhaps (c) bonding of dissimilar materials – if sufficient number of participants). Afternoon – Review and discuss options of licensing or importing technology, and the technology insertion element to operationalize your roadmap. Participants will be working in groups.
Day 3: Morning – Continuation from the previous afternoon and group report outs. Afternoon – a discussion on the summary of the findings from our DTAPP assessment on Factories of the Future.
Maximum # for workshop: 16
Dates/Times: Wednesday, February 20th – Friday, February 22nd, 2013 | 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Cost: $395 + tax
Location: TBA, Winnipeg, MB
Thanks to the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program’s Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program for its support.
Registration online at: