Forms and Fees


To request Recognition of Prior Learning, please complete and submit one of the following forms:

If you’re not sure which form to choose, contact the RPL Advisor for clarification or additional information.

Instructors/Assessors will complete the RPL Assessment Results form.

Program-specific Assessments

To request a Health Care Aide Equivalency Assessment for employment purposes in Manitoba, please complete and submit the HCA Equivalency Application Form.

Transcripts, certifications and employer verification will be required.


The maximum fee charged to any student for Recognition of Prior Learning at RRC Polytech in any one year will not exceed the full-time program fee as determined by the Registrar. The fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and subject to change.

Assessment of Educational Documents for Transfer Credit

Type of Transfer Credit Fee
Transfer of Credit from publicly funded Manitoba Post-secondary institutions No fee
Transfer Credit from Publicly Funded Canadian Post-secondary institutions; and other recognized Educational organizations $25 per course (maximum $125 per application)
Transfer of Credit from International Post-secondary institutions $75 per course (maximum $375 per application)

Challenge Examination Process

Type of Challenge Fee
Challenge Examinations $50 per hour of assessment up to a maximum of $350 per course (includes cost of consumables)
Practical Examinations, Skill Demonstrations, Simulations $50 per hour of assessment up to a maximum of $500 per course (plus cost of consumables)

Course Portfolio Assessments

Course Length Fee
Courses up to 20 hours $105
Courses 21-60 hours $210
Courses 61+ hours $350
NOTE: Full-time students enrolled in full-time programs will be assessed a fee of $150 per course for a Challenge Examination Process (i.e. written/oral exams, projects, assignment or combinations of) or a Course Portfolio Assessment.

If the designated course RPL fee is less than $150, students will pay the lower RPL course fee. For RPL assessment involving Skill Demonstration/Practical Skill examinations/Simulations, full-time students will pay the designated RPL fee as determined by the program area, based on the RPL Fee Range Guidelines.

Assessing RPL for Program Outcomes

In programs where RPL is conducted on a program outcomes basis, the RPL fees will be based on $50 per hour of assessment (plus cost of consumables, if any) for each program outcome. The maximum amount charged to conduct RPL for all program outcomes in a program will not exceed the full-time program fee as determined by the Registrar.