Types of Accommodations

The accommodations available at Red River College Polytechnic assist students by reducing or removing the barriers a disability may pose on learning and the demonstration of knowledge. The purpose of accommodations is to “level the playing field” between students with disabilities and students who do not have disabilities. The purpose is not to provide an unfair advantage. Accommodations cannot compromise course objectives and essential learning outcomes.

Accommodations are student-specific. They are unique to the individual and their course (program).

Types of accommodations for students with disabilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Exam Accommodations – common exam accommodations include a quieter environment and additional time.
  • Alternate Format of Print Materials – course material in alternate formats such as electronic text or Braille.
  • Assistive Technology – a variety of equipment, software and devices designed for students with disabilities.
  • Audio Recording of Lectures – To access this accommodation, students are required to agree to terms and conditions.
  • Access to Instructor PowerPoint Presentations – To access this accommodation, students are required to agree to terms and conditions.
  • American Sign Language Interpretation – for students who are Deaf.
  • Transcription – For students who are hard of hearing, transcription of lectures may be provided .
  • Reduced Course Load – to help manage workload more successfully and learn more effectively


  • Tutoring Services – tutoring sessions with an RRC Polytech staff tutor.
  • Academic Coaching – to assist in the development of academic skills, such as time management, organization, and test preparation and test taking strategies.