Exam Accommodations

IMPORTANT: During this time of alternate (online) course delivery, exam accommodations are still being provided to students currently registered with our department; however some changes have been made in regards to how those accommodations are provided. We encourage current students to visit the Exam Accommodations COVID-19 webpage for more information on how exam accommodations are being delivered for online/alternate delivery of courses

Exam Accommodations provides students, with documented disabilities, the opportunity to accurately demonstrate how well they have mastered course material by removing disability related obstacles to performance.

Exam accommodations are highly individualized and are determined according to the nature of the student’s disability, as well as course objectives and learning outcomes. Exam accommodations include, but are not limited to, individual or small group exam environments, extended time, oral exams, scribes, and the use of assistive technology to assist in exam taking.

Use the links below to learn more about exam accommodations, as well as the eligibility requirements and processes to receive accommodations: