Academic Accommodation Plans

Student Accessibility Services works together with students with disabilities and their academic program to develop and facilitate individualized and appropriate accommodations. Development of accommodation plans are based on medical documentation provided by the student and student self-report. Program course objectives and learning outcomes are also considered when developing accommodation plans. Where applicable, accommodation plans will be developed for the following environments:

  • Classroom (both on-campus and virtual)
  • Lab
  • Practicum/Clinical
  • Test/Exam (both on-campus and virtual)
    • Exam Accommodations provides students, with documented disabilities, the opportunity to accurately demonstrate how well they have mastered course material by removing disability related obstacles to performance. Learn more

Assistive Technology / Alternate Format Material

The use of assistive technology and alternate format material are academic accommodations provided to students with documented disabilities, in order to provide equal opportunity for students to master the essentials of post-secondary programming.

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) offers accommodations such as ASL-English interpreters and computerized note takers to ensure equal access to education of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

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