Tips for Approaching Instructors

If you are receiving test/exam accommodations, you are responsible for approaching your instructors regarding your accommodations. It is important for you to advocate for yourself and your needs in order to achieve academic success.

Your accommodations should be discussed with each instructor at the beginning of the term/semester to allow timely implementation of the accommodations.

It is best for you to schedule a time to meet with instructors to go over your Letter of Exam Accommodations (LEAs) and to discuss your need for accommodations.

Prior to the meeting

  1. Review your course outlines. Be aware of your course requirements.
  2. Understand your disability so that you can explain its impact on your academic performance.
  3. Practice what you are going to say, so that you feel more comfortable.
  4. Talk to your counsellor if you are nervous about approaching your instructors.

The Meeting

  1. If possible, meet with your instructor before your class begins, after your class ends, or make an appointment during their office hours to discuss your situation in private.
  2. Introduce yourself and present your Letter of Exam Accommodations (LEAs) to your instructor.
  3. Explain your disability, describe the accommodations you will need, and discuss why you need them. Accommodations vary from student to student and are dependent upon your disability and academic requirements. Be aware that the instructor may have had little exposure to disability related issues and how a disability can potentially impact academic performance.
  4. Ask the instructor if they have any questions.

Accessibility Services can act as a liaison between yourself and your instructor or department, but because of the confidentiality of student information, you must first authorize your counsellor to discuss this information with the instructor.