Brightspace Pulse App

This app, free to download on both Apple and Android devices, supports students with both task and time management. The “Brightspace Pulse” app is developed by the same company that developed the LEARN platform, and is meant to easily integrate and communicate with content in LEARN. Within the app, students are able to see a visual of their important dates for the week (across all courses), receive notifications, and help themselves keep organized and aware of upcoming dates.

NOTE: While this app was developed with integration and communication between the app and LEARN in mind, students are responsible for ensuring accuracy of important dates, or adding in any dates that might not already be reflected.

Students may also choose to add in more important dates than what is already reflected in LEARN, such as:

  • Assignment due dates
  • Test or exam dates
  • Reminders to review content or study for an upcoming test
  • Reminders to submit requests for exam accommodations (if eligible)
  • Appointments with tutors or other academic supports




Please check out the videos and information in the above section, or visit Brightspace Pulse’s troubleshooting page. If you require additional assistance, please send an email to

Additional Supports

Some students may not want, or be able to download an app to support them with task and time management, but may still want some additional supports. Students may also check out these resources:

The Academic Success Centre has also put together a Time Management Skills Module that students can self-enroll in should they wish to learn more about, and further develop their time management skills: