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Profile of Ezequiel Lerner, Business Administration Grad

February 24, 2021

Interested in learning more about our Business Administration program? Ezequiel Lerner, Business Administration grad, checked in with us to answer some questions about the program.

1) How did your time at Red River College help you achieve your goals?
The two-year program taught me that through hard work, dedication, commitment, and true inner belief you can overcome any challenge that stands in your way. Ultimately, one of my goals was to grow on a personal and professional level, and by applying myself to be the best I could be I did just that.

2) What aspects of your academic experience at Red River College would you say were particularly influential?
Hands down the relationships that I made along the way as without them I wouldn’t have been as successful as I was. Additionally, the hands-on nature of the program helped put a lot of the teachings into practice, which is a big advantage over university.

3) What stands out for you about your Red River College experience that really prepared you to start on your career?
The program helped shape me into the young professional that I hoped I would become. It truly taught me a lot about myself and that through hard work anything is possible.

4) Academics aside, what other opportunities, social and extra-curricular, added to your Red River College experience? (i.e. Vanier competition; Finance competition; Business Solutions Team; Student Ambassador, First Impressions Recruitment Event (FIRE), Directions Conference, International Student Support, etc.)
I played on the Red River College Men’s Basketball Team for two years, which introduced me to a lot of friends while challenging me in new and different ways. You can ask any member of the 2015-16 team about our ups and downs that I will never forget but, ultimately, we won the championship and I learned a lot of lessons along the way. I also felt a deeper connection to RRC because not only was I representing the school in the classroom but on the basketball court as well.

5) What advice would you offer someone considering enrolment in the Red River College Business Administration program?
Listen. The program is not a walk in the park. It truly isn’t. 6 courses per semester is no joke so if you want to be successful then you need to be ready to work, otherwise this program isn’t for you. Be committed to yourself, to your growth, to your goals, and to your personal and professional development. Don’t be shy, ask questions, get involved, make friends, and get to know your instructors because they are truly amazing people. Speaking of, BIG SHOUTOUT to Dr. Taiwo Soetan and Susan Robson. Consider yourself blessed if they’re your instructors.