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Gain Experiences and Friends For Life – A Profile of Shelby Joss, Business Administration Grad, 2018

February 24, 2021

I graduated the Business Administration Diploma Program as a Financial Services Major at Red River College in 2018. Currently, I am a Collections Contact Officer with the Canada Revenue Agency.

My time at Red River College helped me achieve my goals through the vast opportunities you are exposed to, including a direct path to my current career. You will receive a well-rounded education, gain knowledge that will help you in your career and everyday life, and cultivate valuable networking opportunities.

The instructors were hands down the most influential part of my college experience. Having someone teach the courses that has come from the industry allowed us to gain first-hand knowledge that was actually useful. The instructors were candid, intelligent, and overall great people. I attribute a lot of my success to the wonderful people who raised us for those two years.

Two experiences at the College that stand out most for me are the CIFP Case Challenge and the First Impressions Recruitment Event. I participated in and led the first-ever RRC team for the CIFP Case Challenge. We flew to Calgary to compete in the West and won against Universities that had been studying finance for a year longer than us. Winning that competition got us an all-expense paid trip to Halifax to compete nationally. It was an experience that I will never forget and has allowed me to excel in my career that I likely would not have without the First Impression Recruitment Event. The “F.I.R.E.” was essentially speed-dating but with potential employers. I had eight 12-minute interviews in one day with various banks, insurance companies, and the Government. I had my first interview with the CRA through the F.I.R.E. which led me to the job I’m in today.

College wasn’t all about academics for me. I participated in every volunteer opportunity available, such as the RRC Food Bank, Research and Innovation Day, Business Technology Management Talent Mash, and the Intercultural Mentorship program. I was also a tutor and First Year Student Mentor and sat on the Student’s Association Board. Volunteering not only looks great on a resume and scholarship applications, but it was rewarding in many other ways.

My advice to those considering this program: Do it. It’s an incredible experience that has set me up for life. Ensure that you get involved with the College and your campus and you will gain experiences and friends for life.