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Fulfilling Career Goals – A profile of Dhillon Gowrie, Business Administration Grad

February 24, 2021

Red River College’s practical activities, relevant case studies and classroom discussions greatly contributed to the fulfillment of my career goals. A key aspect to the success of Red River College are the instructors, who are highly experienced and willing to provide mentorship to their students. In addition to providing a foundation to business knowledge, there is a strong and evident focus on personal development, such as interpersonal skill development and public speaking. The class structure easily facilitated relationship building between students and their instructors, allowing for a more meaningful and impactful learning experience.

Red River College provided me with confidence, enhanced public speaking skills and workplace professionalism.

Events such as the First Impression Recruitment Event were pivotal in my career success. These events allowed me to gain familiarity with the recruitment process and begin building a professional network. The combination of skills and foundational business knowledge that Red River College provides their students allowed me the confidence, skills and educational background needed to break into a career in the competitive financial Capital Markets (Toronto, ON).

I would recommend Red River College to anyone wanted to excel and fast track their career goals. The experience you will receive will be unmatched. The foundational business knowledge, mentorship and professional skill development opportunities that Red River College provided me allowed me to achieve my competitive career goals and I strongly believe that this experience can be applied to any career goal.