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Red River Bookstore – Web Site and Inventory Management System

September 4, 2019

Project Term: Summer 2019

Red River Bookstore has been operating for decades and has amassed a huge inventory of used books, comics, music, movies, video games and other miscellaneous items. With such a large inventory and very little online presence, the bookstore staff could not meet the growing demands without integrating digital solutions. ACE Project Space students worked with the bookstore to gather their requirements, and then build viable solutions to help the business manage its inventory.

Continuous learning to build solutions

In completing the project, our students learned about how to work and learn together to achieve client success. They learned how to build their solution in React as well as how to integrate third party services to meet stakeholders’ requirements. The students built a web application that allows the bookstore staff to administer an inventory database and manage aspects unique to a bookstore, such as establishing and assigning genres. The students added a blog to assist with customer marketing and included a search feature to help customers find products that have been added to inventory.


The dedicated team of Business Information Technology and Business Technology Management students completed the following deliverables for the Red River Bookstore:

  • A website
  • Administrator screens
  • Admin authorization
  • SVC file upload functionality
  • Add and edit inventories functionalities
  • Products manage by generated UID numbers
  • Add and edit genre lists functionality
  • Web hosting setups

Red River Bookstore web site:

Technologies used

  • ReactJs
  • Meteor
  • AWS
  • Waves
  • MongoDB Atlas
Products page

Products page

Book Manage page

Book Manage page

Data Details dialog box

Data Details dialog box