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June 8, 2019

Project Term: Winter 2019

The traditional process of facilitating peer tutoring can be a daunting task for many K-12 teachers and higher education institutions. Due North, an educational technology startup, worked with our students to build a digital platform to easily recruit, organize, connect, and schedule peer tutors with tutees. This result-based application has since been implemented in a number of Manitoba schools.

Multiple applications developed

Across multiple terms, our students completed the development of Due North’s Tutor+ and Mentor+ applications as well as the DoMore+ platform, which are currently being used by educational institutions.


Tutor+ is an application that connects students with tutors, helping students find their potential in and outside of the classroom. Through this application, students can book appointments with school-certified tutors. The self-service experience enables students to match themselves with tutors while lessening the workload of administrators.


Mentor+ is an application that matches students with mentors and enables mentors to start, maintain, and monitor their mentorship relationships. In addition, the application helps students set, track, and accomplish goals.


DoMore+ is a platform of educational technologies currently leveraged by Tutor+ and Mentor+. The platform will include a number of applications in the future such as Intern+, Reader+, Parent+ and more.


Students worked on a number of deliverables for Due North, including:

  • API using MEAN Stack
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) functionality for Users, Courses, and Reports
  • Angular Routing to create component navigation
  • Data resolver for GraphQL data
  • Web application style refresh
  • Multi-permission commenting system
  • Mass messaging services cross platform
  • Documentation for future students
  • Data caching
  • Dynamic saving
  • Object tagging system
  • Limited mode
  • Upgraded search
  • Configuration services
  • Attendance tracking

What our students are saying

There are lots of things which I have learned from this project. I have done documentation for this project which includes several documents like project charter, business use cases, BPMN, requirement etc. Apart from that, I have worked in team for this project which enhanced my communication skills. Fortunately, I had got a team where we respected the opinion of each other which is very crucial. Most important thing that I learnt is that it is not important that things work like as they should be. In this project, I took some time to adopt the working style of my project owner as it was different from my working style.– Pardeep Kaur

“What I learned during my time at the ACE Project Space has been how to communicate and work as a team with those that aren’t in my field. I also learn a whole new tech stack that we did not touch on in school such as Angular, GraphQL and Neo4J. Through this process I learned a lot about how an entrepreneur runs their business, and the perks of working for someone who is passionate about their company.” – Jovin Toews

“Throughout my time at the ACE project space, I have learned a ton about myself and the industry. At first I found the technology stack we were using to be extremely complex and frustrating. Today however I am proud to say that I can use Angular, GraphQL, MongoDB and many more. This experience also allowed me to acquire a lot of skills that would fall under the non-technical (soft) skills banner, such as communicating effectively with team members in a way that allowed everyone to find their voice and contribute to the discussion. I also learned the agile workflow, which helped to coordinate my efforts to be the most effective I could be as a programmer and a team member. ” – Alexander Rennie

Due North’s web site:

Technologies used

  • Angular
  • GraphQL
  • Neo4J
  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • Apollo
  • SCSS

Tutor+ Appointments screen

Tutor+ course information screen