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A Very Special Donation made to “A Port in the Storm”

April 11, 2019

Imagine finding out you must leave home for weeks or even months to receive essential medical treatment. What do you do? Every year, hundreds of rural and northern Manitobans and Northwest Ontarians learn that their necessary medical treatment for cancer or other life altering conditions are only available in Winnipeg – perhaps hundreds or thousands of kilometres from home.

A Port in the Storm was co-founded by RRC nursing instructor Joanne Loughery and was created so that people needing treatment in Winnipeg do not have to worry about managing an extended stay in costly impersonal accommodations. Rates on furnished suites are kept very low, so guests and family can afford to stay together in a comfortable environment. Home-like affordable settings and a supportive community atmosphere are core values of the organization. Therefore, to provide a restful home for someone pulled away from theirs by illness is an essential activity of the organization.

Joanne Loughery and Anne-Marie Kowatsch

RRC instructor Anne-Marie Kowatsch has recognized the importance of the core values of this organization. Anne-Marie is a member of the River Crazy Quilters. As 2018 approached, this group was looking for a 25th anniversary project, and once a bit of background was presented, A Port in the Storm was chosen unanimously. Some members already had quilts in varying stages of completion; others set to work to complete one or more quilts. The goal was to have a quilt for every suite. One of the Riverview members suggested that the Crescent Fort Rouge church quilting group would be willing to contribute quilts. Carellan Sewing Centre graciously donated their time to machine quilt several of the blankets. A true community spirit for an incredible cause.

This donation illustrates a labour of love and compassion for those who need additional support and the added comforts of home at times of need. A Port in the Storm would like to extend their extreme gratitude for this very special and thoughtful gift.

For additional information on the organization, please visit

Post written by Joanne Loughery and Anne-Marie Kowatsch – Nursing Instructors

Photos by Meagen Chorney – Nursing Instructor