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Tribbute – Part 1

May 14, 2018

Project Term: Winter 2018

Tribbute is a data-driven marketing firm in Winnipeg that also has a relationship with Red River College. Our students at the ACE Project Space were able to help out Tribbute in automating some of their in-house processes.

Relying heavily on Google AdWords in their daily operations, Tribbute had our students work on quite a bit of back-end code in order to automate their daily processes. They’re a marketing firm specializing in assisting businesses with traffic acquisition, conversion and digital business intelligence analysis. AdWords are used to create a roadmap that helps their clients to achieve business objectives and get returns.

The client offered a unique opportunity to our students to study for Google Certifications in AdWords and other tools related to this project. Much of the initial phases were spent on acquiring knowledge and preparing for the student’s 6 different Google AdWords certifications. With certifications in hand, our students were able to author scripts and build a web app that Tribbute could use.

There were two development phases for the team: write scripts; develop a web application. They developed their scripts in JavaScript and AdWords Query Language, where AdWords has its own console to execute the scripts. It really helped Tribbute to automate daily management and reporting tasks.

The web app phase of the project was developed on Django Framework and provided a way for the client to automate the deployment and execution of scripts. They connected the app up to Google’s AdWords API to get live data and hosted with Google App Engine.

Technologies used: Python, javascript, Django Framework, Google Cloud Platform