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Canadian Patient Safety Week

November 10, 2016


The week of October 24th was Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW). The goal of CPSW is to increase awareness of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement across Canada. This year’s campaign is to spread the word about the importance of asking questions in keeping care safe.

In light of the campaign, Adult Health 1 students participated in asking a variety of questions to make care safer. These questions are questions that the health care professional (the student) would ask their patients to make care safer; as well as what questions patients could ask us to make care safer.


These questions are posted outside the hallway of C615.

As well, students were provided the opportunity to take this initiative further by talking to their patients in clinical practice, talking with their clinical instructors, and talking with the health care professionals in the various clinical areas.

To learn more about CPSW, click here.

To learn more about the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, check out their web site.