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Nursing Lunch and Learn: Unlocking Potential

October 6, 2016

Paul Bissonnette

On September 30th, Nursing faculty took part in a lunch and learn titled Unlocking Potential. Presented by Paul Bissonnette (B. Kin, CEP, CSCS, FMSC, Pn1), the session focused on motivating others. Drawing on his experience as a trainer, Paul applied his knowledge to the classroom context, helping faculty to gain insight and understanding on how to deal with unmotivated individuals.

Unlocking Potential

The presentation identified that behaviour is the biggest downfall to someone’s potential and therefore unlocking potential is about changing that behaviour. In order to change behaviour, we first need to understand behaviour triggers and the barriers to change. With this understanding, we can then apply strategies to promote change and exemplify our own coaching excellence to motivate others.

To learn more about Unlocking Potential, click here to watch the whole presentation.

To download a copy of the powerpoint, click here.