Academic News

Teaching Excellence Day

June 9, 2016


The Nursing faculty had a great day exploring the world of simulation, hosted at CanadInn Polo Park.

Scenario Stars

The day was filled with many interesting presentations, starting with our guest speaker Patricia Morgan; RN, MSN, Director of the Clinical Simulation Center from the University of Calgary, who spoke of the simulation process including the pre-briefing, simulation scenarios, and debriefing.

Then we were put to the test and had to go through the process of a scenario simulation and debriefing hosted by STARS Brent Bekaris, Mobile Education Leader, featuring our very own Patti simulator.

inside Stars Bus

The day ended with a round robin to explore our own Patti Sim mannequin to see what she can actually do, as well as the STARS Mobile Education Bus, a Paramedicine Moulage station, and Patti’s extended family SimKid and SimBaby.