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ePortfolio trial set to begin in January 2016 with Business Technology Management Students

December 1, 2015

The objective of this project is to provide students with the opportunity to create a professional portfolio using an ePortfolio product called Mahara. We will pilot this in the BTM program with a group of 30 students starting in January 2016. Lead instructors will be trained in portfolio facilitation and development to provide guidance to students. Students will create ePortfolios based on the program outcomes, course outcomes, college wide learning outcomes and other skills and abilities they may have.

Benefits of an ePortfolio implementation in the college

  • Portfolios are a great mode of assessment to determine knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA)
  • Students will self-assess their learning and take ownership of their learning as they complete their ePortfolios and program
  • Students will have an ePortfolio to show potential employers
    • During co-op placement
    • During Industry project placement
    • After graduation, as a lifelong learning resource
  • Students are accountable for mastering content standards in subject areas
  • Portfolios can help students who would like to continue their studies and receive RPL credits
  • Assessment portfolios promote communication between teachers and students
  • Faculty advising easier as students can show their learning progress through ePortfolio
  • Helps students get interview as it shows more than just a resume and cover letter
  • Help students reflection on KSA and develop skills in meaningful self-assessment
  • More student instructor collaboration