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Where are they now? RRC BN Grads tell their stories: Karen Perron.

October 22, 2015

Karen graduated with the 2015 class and is preparing to write the NCLEX. karen perronHere she shares a bit about her journey through senior practicum and into the role of employed Nurse!:

I completed my senior practicum on WRS3 (postpartum unit at Women’s Hospital) and I got a position following its completion. I am currently working as a grad nurse right out of school making great money at last!

Karen also offers some insight for current BN students about the transition from student to actively employed Grad Nurse:

I’m so glad I picked a senior placement in a hospital setting that hires their new grads. I have many friends that did their practicum in public health or the OR and it is incredibly tough to get jobs in those areas as new grads. I just wanted to start working right away.

The RRC Nursing Public Relations committee thanks Karen for her submission and wishes her all the best in her journey as a professional nurse!