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New ACE Technology Corner

August 11, 2015

The project ACE Technology Corner is an amazing idea that our Chair, Haider Al-Saidi had. He asked these three nerds (Sylvia, Miguel & Pawan) to work on it and make it a reality.

Once upon a time (2015 AD) during the summer, Haider found out that RRC has had these Solar Panels installed 10 years ago, and he found a new application for them. Guess what?? The Solar Panels have been merely energizing our department’s staff by powering their coffee machine! No wonder our staff has been so greenly energized all the time. Haider thought of utilizing this massive power source. He decided to go to the nerdiest bunch in the department. This project will provide students an opportunity to work on a side-project in learning about Raspberry Pi and micro-controller technology, while providing a place for students to re-charge their phones, iPad and laptops etc.  That’s it, and the rest is history. #WIP