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Trying on the Trades

May 5, 2015

Photo of BIT Space Development founder, Dan Blair

BIT Space Development founder, Dan Blair

Aptly named BIT Space Development, founder Dan Blair just graduated from the BIT Program himself this past February. One of his first contracts was with RRC’s Teaching and Learning Technology Centre to continue development of its Trying On The Trades project (TOTT), an interactive panorama prototype intended to introduce Manitoba secondary students to the skilled trades. Over the next few months that proof of concept will now evolve into an open, server-based framework that will support WordPress deployment of the original gamified panoramas, a variety of related Web and mobile apps, and the porting of interactive 360-degree panoramas into Virtual Reality headsets such as Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.

Photo of BIT Space Development Brazilian Connection

BIT Space Development’s Brazilian Connection: Reuel, Anderson, Julia, Diego, Andre, Douglas

BIT Space Development’s Creative Director, Grandel Cuevos, and RRC ScrumMaster, Guy Dugas, have joined Dan in mentoring six Brazilian BIT students (Andre Felipe Costa Silva, Douglas Modena, Reuel Ramos Ribeiro, Julia Passamani, Anderson Pires Pereira, Diego Santos) in RRC’s Exchange District Project space until the end of August. All are thrilled to be developing a new framework and mobile tools that will allow users to build interactive immersive virtual environments for teaching and learning.

And with all the buzz around Agile project management these days, the fact that it is a Scrum project makes it all the more attractive. And so begins the first sprint! Fantástico!

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