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Virtual Nursing Community

April 25, 2014


Welcome to Journey North

In collaboration with eTV and Health Canada, members of River College Faculty of Nursing produced Journey North: A Virtual Nursing Experience. Journey North is an interactive tour of a Health Canada nursing station located on Bloodvein First Nation in northern Manitoba. The project, initially supported by a Program Innovation Fund (PIF) authored by Nancy Ball and Kim Fraser, was developed “to create a virtual community that will invite the millennial nursing student to explore, discover and understand the role of a Community Health Nurse in a remote/rural health care setting that is not geographically available to students in the RRC Nursing program” (PIF application, 2012/2013).

The Faculty of Nursing, eTV and Health Canada are all excited for the potential of this project as well as future endeavors and partnerships in interactive learning environments. Please click on the image below to view the project.

Note: The following is a preview version of Journey North, limited to a guided tour of the nursing station as well as the ability to explore the exam room, the community room, and the culture section of the community map. To request a full viewing, please contact us under ‘Share Your Thoughts’ below.
Click image to open Journey North: