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Teaching Essentials goes CAE!

February 18, 2014

All the TEP participants were invited to take their Certificate in Adult Education courses together as a cohort.  The first course, Introduction to Instruction, began mid-January with 17 faculty.  In March, the group will take their second course, Instructional Methods.  More TEP participants will join the second course as a few new faculty members had already taken Introduction to Instruction.  By June, 25 new faculty will have completed three CAE courses together in the first ever CAE/TEP cohort.

September-October 2013 TEP Session – highly interactive sessions draw on the participants’ current and previous experience –


The first group of faculty working through their Certificate of Education as a cohort.  They will complete three CAE courses by June –



Three new faculty, Lee (Piping Trades) , Patrick (Piping Trades)  and Jordan (Deaf Studies), work through a classroom management scenario –


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