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Virtual Robot Games Website

March 12, 2012

A trio of Red River College students have received rave reviews from a local robotic software developer, for their work on a prototype website for the Manitoba-based Virtual Robot Games (VRG).

As part of their coursework for the fall term of RRC’s Business Information Technology program, second-year students Cyle Hunter, Scott Bevan and Nathaniel Dolynchuk paired with Winnipeg-based Cogmation Robotics, a software developer specializing in robotic simulation.

The students developed a web application that allows VRG competitors to register their virtual players and teams, to upload autonomous game behaviours, robots and arenas, and to view their resulting scores and rankings.

The website also allows VRG administrators to announce and create new tournaments, to access competitors uploaded robots and/or behaviours (and conduct corresponding matches using Cogmation’s robot game engine), and to record match results and player performances.

The students’ work on the project drew high praise from Cogmation President and CEO Jack Peterson (above), who was impressed with the professionalism, sincerity, and level of skill on display.

“Would I hire these students tomorrow? I probably would,” said Peterson. “Would I want to do another project next year? I would.”

“If the College’s Business Information Technology program produces (student of this caliber), then we would definitely want to do another project. Right from the administration to the support people — everyone has been very professional. (It’s been) very easy, comfortable and productive.”

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