Textbook fees are extra unless otherwise stated! Textbooks will be available for purchase at the Winkler Campus or can be purchased online from the RRC Bookstore. Most courses require a textbook. The cost can range from $50 to $200.

Challenge for Credit

Credits may be awarded for prior education and experiential learning when students successfully pass appropriate examinations/tests of the department.

Your First Class

You will receive a course outline detailing contents, assignments, and evaluation procedures from your instructor. You will also be advised of any “out-of-regular class time” course requirements.

Transfer of Credit

Many courses are transferable to a full-time program at Red River College or vice versa. Transfer credit will be given if program requirements are met, subject to approval. Credit for courses taken at other educational institutions may be granted towards Red River College courses and programs. A formal application with proper documentation is required to transfer credits.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students demonstrating acquired knowledge from prior education, work and life experiences may be able to convert this learning into college credits. For further information, please contact the RPL Advisor at 204-632-3094 or find out more on the web.

Transcripts, Certificates and Diplomas

Grade reports are sent to you automatically after the completion of each course. Grades are available on-line through your WebAdvisor account and Grade Reports can also be printed from this site. Your final program transcript will be mailed along with your certificate/diploma at the time of graduation. Official transcripts are available upon request for a cost of $28.35.


Once you have successfully completed a program, you must apply to graduate. You will be invited to participate in our annual Convocation ceremony held in Winkler. Information regarding the ceremony date and procedures will be forwarded to you.

Tuition Tax Receipt

Tuition expenses of more than $100 in a year are tax deductible. As well, if you attended 12 hours of credit classes per month, you are eligible to claim a $120 per month education credit. T2202 tax receipts will be available through your HUB account at the end of February of each calendar year in which you’re enrolled. These receipts will not be mailed to you by the College.

Administration Policies

It is the responsibility of all students registered at the RRC-Winkler Campus to be familiar with the specific academic and attendance requirements of the diploma, certificate, or document of achievement they plan to pursue. Students are advised to obtain a new program outline every September to keep informed of any program changes.

Name Changes

If you have legally changed your name since you last registered at Red River College, and would like your student record changed, please provide the original legal proof of your name change and we’ll adjust your record  You may submit the request either by mail or in-person to Red River College Winkler Campus 100-561 Main Street, Winkler, MB  R6W 1E8.

Originals must be presented and they will be returned when records have been adjusted. If you send your original by mail, we’ll be glad to return it to you. Please also advise us of address changes, so we can ensure your marks, receipts, and schedules reach you at your new address.

The Audit Option

This is the “no-tests, no-assignments, no-stress” course. Take any credit course for pure pleasure and enjoyment—without the work! (Some prerequisites may apply.) At your first class, let the instructor know that you are auditing, then participate and experience the joy of learning.

The College Needs Instructors

If you have special skills in general interest, hobby or leisure activities, your specialty may be of interest to other adults in the community and could be presented as a course. You may also have professional or vocational skills that could be used in college courses for business and professional community. If you wish to discuss this, call 204-325-9672.

Declaration of Waiver

The College does its best to update program information regularly so that our customers are not inconvenienced. However, on occasion, changes do occur. Therefore, the College reserves the right to modify or cancel any program, option, course, program objective, fee, schedule, or location without notice or prejudice. Winkler Campus provides the latest in technology for your training needs. Take advantage of a unique training opportunity available for you or your employees’ training needs.