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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

November 12, 2014


When starting a relationship or friendship with a person diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it’s important to know that while their condition may present some challenges, the rewards of having them in our life can also be great! So don’t get caught up in labels. Instead, educate yourself about ASD so you can be there for your new friend or partner.

Some common traits of a person diagnosed with ASD include high levels of creativity, attention to detail and unconventional problem solving. Other, sometimes challenging traits include communication difficulties, difficulty with social interaction and restrictive or repetitive interests or behaviours. Additionally, many individuals with ASD have reported some sensory issues, including hypersensitivity to touch, taste and smell, light or sound.

It is a misconception that people diagnosed with Autism don’t want intimacy or connection. Fostering relationships is a need that exists for many of us, including people living within the spectrum of ASD!

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There are many helpful resources online if you want to understand the lives of people who identify as having ASD better.

Asperger Manitoba is one local site that provides a wealth of information. You can also look to blogs for candid information about the lives of people with ASD such as