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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (. . or can I?)

March 19, 2013

I have a confession to make: I LOVE chips! Potato chips, corn chips, you name it – if they’re coated in colourful saltiness and have that satisfying crunch, I’m all in. In fact, for full disclosure here on the Wellness blog, I love chips a little too much! I try to resist their temptation, but when I do give in, it’s quite the episode. Let me admit, dear fans of health and wellness, that it’s actually quite Cookie-Monster-esque: crumbs flying everywhere, eyes bulging, and a few “om nom nom nom” sounds to boot! Yes, as much as I long to be the vision of health, I do have my vices.

If you recall the old Lay’s potato chips ads, Karim Abdul-Jabbar challenged us with the slogan, “Betcha can’t eat just one.”

Sadly, this is not a challenge I would even consider entertaining. I know full well I can not and will not try to eat just one chip . . in fact, sometimes I feel I can’t even eat just one bag!

For me, the true challenge is in finding some sort of satisfaction to follow my blissful, salt-and-vinegar indulgence. There appears to be quite a bit of satisfaction in those first few heavenly crunches, and there is even some odd pride in pouring those bottom-of-the-bag crumbs straight into my mouth. Yet how satisfied do I feel an hour later, when my thirst is insatiable and my stomach is slogging its way through the digestion process? No, any satisfaction I may have felt while munching away, turns into a hundredfold of dissatisfaction, with nothing good to show for it other than a really great Cookie Monster impersonation! Thus, despite my taboo love affair with chips, I finally feel a connection with Mr. Mick Jagger, who once said . . .  well, you know what he said! (If you don’t, take a listen and keep listening while you read on.)

There’s good news though! I can contrast this with the new joy I’ve found in working out (or “playing around”, for those of you who have read my previous post). The biggest, but perhaps least obvious, difference between a workout and a bag of chips is just this . . . the level of satisfaction that lasts long after the deed is done.

How does one find long-lasting satisfaction from regular sweat sessions in your Lululemon gear? I’m glad you asked!

1. You will have more energy.

2. You will begin to burn more calories, even at rest.

3. You will be able to deal better with stress and stay focused.

4. You will decrease your risk of illness and increase your ability to heal.

5. You will feel better and look better too! (People have a way of spotting that special glow you get from doing something healthy.)

6. You will increase your cardiovascular endurance, your flexibility and your muscle mass – three benefits that are huge considering we never stop getting older! (Source)

7. You will have a sense of pride and accomplishment to know you’re doing something great for yourself.

8. You will have fun and be part of a great community.

This all sounds pretty satisfying, doesn’t it? I’ve experienced it for myself, but if you don’t believe me, read what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it.

Dear Lay’s, you’re absolutely right. I can’t eat just one of your delicious chips. Fortunately, though, I’ve found something much better that I can enjoy over and over, and it can also get me some long term satisfaction. So, sorry Mick; you can take your double negatives elsewhere . . because I’ve found that with working out I can indeed get satisfaction! But please . .  do keep singing; because I will dance – and that will become my most satisfying activity of the day!