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Suffering from Keyboard-itis?

February 15, 2012

Are you achy and stiff after a day on the keyboard? Wearing all kinds of wrist splints to fend off tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome? Your ergonomics are good, but you’re still suffering?

Consider the keyboard itself. Kinesis Corporation has a contoured keyboard that reduces strain by eliminating the excess stretching that traditional keyboards require. Research and years of commercial use have proven its worth.


The keys for each hand line a bowl to fit your relaxed fingers naturally. Keys are set at various depths that relate to the length of different fingers. The bowl shape means you do not have to reach as far. The layout is still QWERTY, but can be switched to Dvorak. The right bowl can also work as a number keypad (very easy if you use the optional foot pedal), which is much appreciated by those in accounting and finance.

Aside from relieving pain and strain, the contoured keyboard also improves productivity. While it might look awkward to new users, they soon find they can type more comfortably and even faster than before.

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Submitted by Stephanie Fraser