Gymnasium Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. The College reserves the right to deny any applicant use of College facilities in accordance with its policy on Use of Facilities (E4);
  2. The College has the right and sole discretion to change the space reserved by the applicant under this agreement and provide alternate College facilities, with 15 days written notice;
  3. The applicant may be required to provide evidence of liability insurance and add Red River College Polytechnic as additional insured, if requested;
  4. The applicant will be responsible for prompt payment of any charges assessed by the College for the use of College facilities;
  5. The applicant will reimburse the College in full for willful or accidental damages of its property caused, either directly or indirectly, by a persona permitted by the applicant to participate in the use of the facilities referred to. The College reserves the right to request a damage deposit;
  6. The applicant will take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and welfare of all event participants and agrees to adhere to all applicable Acts, Regulations and By-Laws;
  7. The applicant will be provided with emergency building evacuation and incident response procedures that must be conveyed to the person(s) in charge of the event;
  8. The applicant will maintain the standard of conduct, cleanliness and care required by the College in the maintenance of its buildings and environment and will ensure that the facility is in the same condition upon leaving as it was when the applicant arrived;
  9. The applicant will take reasonable precautions to maintain the security of College facilities. The College reserves the right to determine the appropriate level of security;
  10. The applicant will be responsible for compliance with the parking regulations of the College;
  11. The applicant will comply will all applicable safety requirements, take precautions to not create fire hazards and assume responsibility for evacuating all people in the area of facility use immediately and without question upon hearing a fire alarm;
  12. The serving of any food, beverage or alcohol required in conjunction with the use of College facilities will be approved by and under the exclusive control of the College through the office of Auxiliary Services. With responsible to the service and consumption of alcohol, the applicant will ensure compliance with the Liquor Control Act and with all regulations and requirements of the Liquor Control Commission. Prior approvals will be required in accordance with established guidelines;
  13. The College will have the right, at any time, to terminate the permit and require the facilities to be immediately vacated if in the option of the College representative there is danger to public safety or the security of the facilities;
  14. The applicant will acknowledge that:
    1. No representation or warranty has been or will be made by the College regarding the suitability of the facility(ies) for the intended or any use by the applicant; and
    2. That prior to completing the application, the applicant has inspected the facility(ies) or has waived its right to inspect such facility(ies) notwithstanding that the applicant was given the opportunity by the College to conduct such inspection prior to completing the application.
  15. The applicant will indemnify and hold the College harmless against any and every claim that may be made against the College by a person who came upon premises owned, used or occupied by the College by virtue of the permission granted to use the College facilities referred to in the application; save where negligence of College solely caused any such claim;
  16. A complete report of all damages to facilities by the applicant will be made to the Manger, Campus Well-Being no later than 48hours following the event;
  17. The College assumes no liability for equipment or other possessions belonging to or used by the applicant;
  18. The applicant will report to RRC Polytech Security, immediately or as soon as reasonably possible, any damages or injuries that occurred during the event; and
  19. The applicant will also be subject to College best-practice guidelines that relate to the use of the facilities.