Locker and Towel Service

Day Lockers

At NDC and EDC the change rooms have day lockers available for free. You may lock up your belongings during your workout, but you must take your belongings and lock with you when you leave the facility. Locks left on any locker without a valid locker rental are cut off regularly and belongings removed.

Locker Rentals

Full and half-size lockers are available to rent at NDC. You may rent one at the Campus Store. All locker rentals expire at the end of June.

Please be sure to renew your locker rental by the end of June or your lock and belongings will be removed.


  • Full locker: $25 + GST
  • Half-locker: $15 + GST

Locker Room Policies

RRC Polytech is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property

All facility users are responsible for respecting and protecting the privacy and welfare of others. No camera, cell phone or computer use is permitted while in the locker room.

For safety and sanitation reasons, no food is allowed in the locker rooms.

Towel Service

Towel service is available at NDC. The service allows members to grab a clean towel each visit. Towel service is purchased at the Campus Store.


  • $26.25 + GST per term, or
  • $42 + GST per year