Advisory Group

About the Advisory Group

The Healthy Minds Healthy College Advisory is a group of RRC Polytech students, staff and faculty who care deeply about mental health and volunteer their time to help make the College a healthy, supportive place to learn and work.

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to provide critical input to shape the Healthy Minds Healthy College initiative, ensuring a wide variety of perspectives are considered.


  • Dan Feriolo – eTV Supervisor/Producer, Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation & Research
  • Avery Halldorson – VP Academic, RRC PolytechSA
  • Breanna Sawatzky – Mental Health Coordinator
  • Cassidy Dzama – Educational Technologist, LEARN
  • Michelle Lodewyks – Instructor, Disability and Community Support
  • Darlene Bouvier – Regional Campus Manager, Interlake and Peguis Fisher River
  • Sue Narozniak – Instructor, Early Childhood Education
  • Pam Rosen – Counselor, Counselling & Accessibility
  • Dierdre Shore – Program Manager, School of Continuing Education Community Service
  • Tanya Cole – Instructor, Department of Nursing
  • Darryl Avena – Student
  • Piolo Turdanes – Student
  • Akhil Kumar Chopra – Student
  • Angelika Tria – Student
  • Rodrigo Antonio Planas Orellana – Student
  • Troy Dawes – Student