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Get Movin Challenge Prize Winners

March 3, 2017

The Get Movin Challenge Winners for 2017 were announced in the Cave today. For the entire month of February, staff and students at RRC met the challenge of reaching 7,000 steps per day. Three separate prize categories were made, with entry into each level’s draw based on the amount of days with 7,000 steps reached. As the prize winners were announced, folks also enjoyed a pancake breakfast put on by the RRCSA, with proceeds going to the Food Bank. Thanks to everyoneattending today, and all of those who participated in the Get Movin Challenge, we already look forward to next years Challenge!

Bronze Level Winners (min 10 days)

Rebels Pack Winners: Dennis Korabelnikov; Lynn Gibson; Chad Smith; Samantha Feal; Debra Wutke; Tracy Luedtke; Ray Hoemsen; Laureen Janzen; F. Rick Pizzi; Penny Rawson; Roberta Mack

Yard Game Winner: Lynn Thompson

Lawn Chair (provided by Great-West Life) Winner: Erika Skaftfeld

Beach Umbrella (provided by Great-West Life) Winner: Leslie Ternowetsky

Yoga mat (x2) Winner: Marie Graff and Lauren Waples

Cooler basket (provided by HUB STRATA) Winner: Derek Reykdal

Silver Level Winners (min 15 days)

Athletic Therapy session Winners: – Riann Ritchot and Cynthia Alles-Parasidis

$50 Gift Card to Jane’s Restaurant Winner: Lana Neufeld

1 Free Rec Services Fitness Class Winner: Karen Di Pietro

Saje Wellness Diffuser with Oil (valued at $100) Winner: Hellen Pollard

1 Pair Snow Shoes Winner: James Slade

$100 Golf Dome Gift Certificate Winner: Diane Brown

Photoshoot (valued at $175, provided by Lindsay Rowan) Winner: Patrick Griffith

Gold Level Winners (min 20 days)

$200 Thermea Spa Gift Certificate Winner: Sean Audet

$200 Visa Gift Card Winner: Faye Bychuk

$200 Float Calm Therapy Centre Gift Certificate Winner: Maria Turla

$200 Sport Chek Gift Card Winner: Lindsay Allan

Door Prize Winner

2 Pack of Manitoba Moose Tickets Winner: Michelle Johnson





Week 4 Winners of the Get Movin Challenge: Team C517

March 1, 2017

Our 4th and final weekly prize winners of the Get Movin Challenge is Team C517 of the Nursing Department!

Laurie Ann Nichol wrote in

“Well, we are back at it this year…Team C517 has “stepped” up their challenge and raised the limit from last year’s accomplishment of 4 Million to an amazing 5 000 000.   Can’t stop this team from steppin’!!

We have 7 days remaining and our goal is in sight….

Thank you to the Wellness committee for starting the challenge that got us all steppin’ up!


Congrats to all Get Movin Challenge weekly winners this year and thanks to our various groups who donated prizes.




Week 1 Get Movin Prize Winner

February 8, 2017

Congrats to our Week 1 Get Movin Prize Winners!: Pat Wherrett and Kristen Dohan!

Kristen writes:

I’m a nursing student at the college and if it’s one thing I’ve learnt, you have to keep physically and time  (which is tough to do with and time busy nursing schedule) so what my boyfriend  and I since starting this challenge together do is a sequence of exercises after to supper to help us digest our food. We do 3min of running in a spot ten jumping Jack’s and 200 abdominal reps of various exercises. It’s a fun thing we do together to try and stay physically active during our busy school schedules.

 Thanks for helping us get active!!!



While Pat shares a picture of her working hard on the elliptical alongside a furry friend!

Thanks to the RRC Bookstore and Great West Life for donating these weeks prize packs! Thanks to Pat and Kristen for sharing their Get Movin Challenge pics. We encourage participants to share theirs as well to enter for more great prizes!

Click Here for more information on the Get Movin Challenge


Outdoor Workout: Terry Fox Fitness Trail

October 26, 2016

While we enjoy the fall season, don’t forget to set aside some time for exercise and fitness. While the days become shorter and more crisp in Winnipeg, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the outdoors while working being active. There are many outdoor options in the city, from various parks, to green spaces, playgrounds and sport fields. One hidden gem at the Assiniboine Park is the Terry Fox Fitness Trail.

Created over 30 years ago, the Terry Fox Fitness Trails is area where people of all fitness levels can enjoy exercise in the beautiful Assiniboine Park. Re-opened in June of 2016, and located in the South-East corner of the park, the 1km Trail has been extensively renovated and has replaced all 12 pieces of it’s fitness equipment.

The beauty of the park is that you can create a workout that fits you on that day, the only limit being your imagination. Along the running trail, each piece of equipment has signage explaining each exercise with diagrams. The trail is open year round, 24 hours a day.

Click Here for a Global News video touring the updated Terry Fox Trail

Click Here for the Assiniboine Park Map


RRC Slow Pitch and Why You’re On the Team

April 28, 2016

RRC Slow Pitch is back again on June 9th at John Bloomberg. The annual event has become a fan favorite of things to do to participate in the college community. It has grown and morphed into a place where you can stretch out your legs, get some sun on the face again and reconnect to some familiar faces.

Many people have many different reasons to come out and I’ve noticed they all seem to fit so well together. Some people come who of have played before, or haven’t played in years, who have never played or just want to be a part of the team. It seems to work so well. A single team could be over 20 plus participants with only needing about half that to play.

When I get asked to talk about active living benefits my mind automatically goes to how “I should do more sit ups” or “I should put down this cake.” I feel a lot of our ideas about things we want to change or improve on are seen from the negative. Who is this voice? I know some people did not sign up for slow pitch in the past because they thought they couldn’t play, not good enough or didn’t know how to play. After enough time of still wanting to participate, they come and see the environment and they find themselves trying a new sport, playing in some of the games or just bringing in a chair and cheering on their team. I find for myself active living is becoming less about the harsh judgments of how I think I see myself and if I belong, and more about the acceptance of who I am and where I’m at. If I’ve come away with anything from this event, it is not because I feel the need to have to step up to the plate with a bat but to step up to myself to realize I am the only limiting factor to my experience. That when I accept myself as I am, then others also tend to accept me. This event has shown me people don’t care how far I can hit a ball but that I am perfect just as I am and I can be as I wish to be when I just let myself show up.

Yes, of course doing a few arm throws or jog around the bases are good. You don’t have to worry about the cake because we won’t serve any, but what about active living as an inside job first? Find the doubter, remove all doubt. Working on finding yourself and seeing that you belong anywhere you want to belong. That you just being you, is the role on the team we are waiting to fill and you might find yourself perhaps doing far more then you could’ve imagined.

Click here for the registration form;

Registration and payment is being taken at the cashier’s office and you can register as a team or as a single person. Registration deadline is June 3rd at noon and is only $15.00 per person. This will book the facility as well as provide you with a lunch. Any registrations after June 3rd will be $20.00 per person. So come on out and give it a try anyway you want to.

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