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Wellness Through Music: An Improvisation Workshop

November 9, 2021

Music is an excellent wellness tool. Whether you put on some music to shift your mood, express yourself by making music, or learn a new musical skill – the emotional and spiritual power of music can’t be denied. While we work and study, it’s still important to take meaningful breaks, giving our bodies and minds a chance to recharge.

Music Workshop Series

For these reasons we’re happy to invite staff and students to a series of Thrive events centred around music and delivered by the Manitoba Conservatory for Music and Arts.

After registering, you will receive a Zoom link to join the event. All workshops run 6-7pm on a Wednesday. There is no cost to attend and you do not require your own instrument.

Wednesday, November 17, 6-7pm: Improvisation

Music improvisation uses music patterns and concepts to create free form and stylistic new arrangements. Learn how to take your music knowledge and add your personal expressions to create a new arrangement. Facilitated by Carter Graham.

Register here.

Questions and accessibility needs can be directed to Pamela Villafranca.