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Cooking for Wellness: A Hands-On Virtual Workshop

November 9, 2021

Did you know that eating balanced meals regularly can reduce anxiety symptoms, increase energy levels, and even improve concentration and memory? Eating habits are critical to overall wellness, yet when we get busy or stressed we often don’t make the best food choices.

So, show yourself some love by cooking a delicious and balanced meal. Join our free, hands-on virtual workshop and learn how to make lasagna rolls while cooking alongside your instructor, Abby Legaspi!

Date: Monday, November 22

Time: 6-8pm

Menu: Lasagna Rolls

Register here. After registering you will receive a Zoom link to join. Seating is limited to 20 participants.

Ingredient kits

If you require a kit with ingredients, be sure to register by November 19 so you can pick up the kit on the afternoon of November 22. For this event, kits can only be picked up at the Notre Dame Campus. You may also simply purchase the ingredients at your local grocery store.

THRIVE Activities

This workshop is part of our THRIVE activity series, hosted by the RRCSA and Healthy Minds Healthy College. THRIVE activities provide opportunities for balance and self-care, which we all need right now. All students and staff are welcome. For accessibility needs or questions please contact Pamela Villafranca.

Your Instructor

Cooking for Wellness workshop instructor Abby Legaspi

Abby Legaspi is a Nutrition graduate from the University of Manitoba with 10 years’ experience running cooking programs for different non-profit and grass roots organizations. She now works at Norwest Coop Community Food Centre and is passionate about almost everything related to food, from gardening to cooking. Abby sees food as a means to connect people while recognizing that food insecurity can be experienced by so many. As an advocate for good food, it is Abby’s hope that one day, everyone will be food secure.