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Better Mental Health Through Digital Therapy

October 11, 2021

For so many of us, mental health is an important topic. Every day, conversations related to mindfulness or self-care come up.

There are no quick fixes to our mental health, and some of us feel overwhelmed, like we’ve lost control of things; others simply can’t shake feeling down. These are issues that many students deal with every day. But the good news is that there’s help available with MindBeacon digital therapy – available to Red River College students at no cost with referral.

MindBeacon can empower you

Designed to improve your mental health and build your resilience to life’s challenges, MindBeacon provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT), an evidence-based form of psychological therapy.  Tis form of therapy is often considered the gold standard when it comes to helping people with mild to moderate depression, insomnia, or anxiety.

How CBT works

The premise behind CBT is that, with regular practice and guidance, we can manage the distressing thoughts and behaviours that come along with stressful, challenging situations – in a way that positively impacts our lives. It can be difficult at first, but with commitment to therapy, you can see your resilience grow.

Therapy on your terms

You use MindBeacon wherever and whenever you choose – all on your phone, tablet, or computer – with no appointments to keep. And your therapy is guided by a registered mental health professional, to help you develop crucial lifelong coping skills.

To get started, connect with any of the following:

Students attending a regional campus may contact an Academic Success Coach at their campus.

Staff who are interested in MindBeacon should inquire about extended health plan coverage. Many of our employee benefit packages do cover these services, since they’re provided by registered social workers or psychologists.

This service enhancement aligns with the Healthy Minds Healthy College strategic priority to improve access to mental health services, using innovation. If you have questions please contact Breanna Sawatzky, Mental Health Coordinator.

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