Using LinkedIn Learning In Your Course

How do I choose and use LinkedIn Learning videos in my course?

Now that we have access to the video resources of LinkedIn Learning are you asking yourself how I can use the material in my class.

LinkedIn Learning videos are a tool that you can use to enhance your courses. The videos should be part of well-planned integrated delivery of any course. The videos may be used for instruction or as added resources for your course.

Whether you use the LinkedIn Learning material for instruction or as a resource, you will have to determine which of the videos is appropriate for your course. You will have to look at the learning outcomes for your course and determine which videos will fit in the course. LinkedIn Learning has a video about mapping your course curriculum to the core and peripheral outcomes of your course. View this video by clicking here.

Instructional approach when using LinkedIn Learning

Integrating LinkedIn Learning videos into your class instruction can be done in several ways. The most common way is by using one of the blended learning models. The model used most often is the flipped classroom. In this instructional approach, you assign material to your students that they need to prepare prior to coming to class. You will need to explain to your students what your plan is, what they are expected to do and why. Once the students arrive in class you will need to have planned an activity where the previously prepared course material will be actively used in the class. Further information on the flipped classroom is available here.


LinkedIn Learning course materials include knowledge checks and other types of assessment. These assessments should be used only as formative self-assessment by students and should not be used for grades in your course.

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