LiVE for Students


Your course may use LiVE (Blackboard Collaborate, formerly Elluminate), a desktop conferencing tool to hold real-time classes and meetings online. These are some things you can do with LiVE:

  • communicate via instant messaging, voice, and video
  • share documents
  • use a whiteboard
  • go on a web tour with your instructor
  • participate in surveys
  • Raise your hand – just like in class!

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Download – RRC LiVE student intro (PDF)

What Do You Need on Your Computer?

  • High speed internet or broadband connection (dialup will not work)
  • Computer with sound (PC or Mac)
  • Headset with microphone available from any electronics store – preferably USB
  • Ability to install a small launcher application on your computer

What Do You Need to Do Before Classes Begin

It is each student’s responsibility to confirm that they can use LiVE before the LiVE class starts. Setup issues will not be handled in class.

A day or two before your first session go to Blackboard Collaborate (LiVE) On Demand Learning on the computer you will be using.

  • familiarize yourself with the support options available
  • note “RRC LiVE” is also referred to as Blackboard Collaborate
  • view the “First Time Users” information
  • plug-in your headset (2 small jacks or one USB plug)
  • go to the “Configuration Room
    • if it’s the first time using LiVE you will have to install the “Blackboard Collaborate Launcher”. You will find the link after clicking on the “Configuration Room”.
    • Once the launcher is installed, you may wish to refresh the page, or re-click the “Configuration Room” to start the configuration session.
  • follow the instructions on the page to ensure that you can speak and hear

Logging In

 You will access you LiVE session one of 2 ways:

  1. The primary way you will access LiVE is through your LEARN course. Your instructor will schedule LiVE sessions.  You can access the schedule and links to the class by going to the “Communication” menu in LEARN and clicking on “LiVE”. You will then see any available sessions.  If there are any recorded sessions they will be located under a dropdown menu beside the LiVE room’s name in a section called “Archives”.
  1. There may be instances where your instructor invites you to a session via email. Detailed instructions will be included with this email.

LiVE will take a few minutes to load and your computer or browser may prompt you many times to allow or accept access to the application. This is normal.

Audio Setup

Set up your audio by going through the “Audio Setup Wizard”. You will find the audio setup wizard under “tools” or in the dropdown in the Audio & Video area. The wizard will step you through the configuration.


  • First ask a knowledgeable friend to help you plug in your headset and test the sound. If that doesn’t work, see the Helpdesk/Support links below.
  • The most frequent problem is plugging in the headset into the wrong spot or not turning on your sound!
  • Another frequent problem is not clicking OK when the program first loads.
  • LiVE will ask you to download a file and you need give permission by saying yes or clicking OK.
  • Did you go through the Audio Setup Wizard in LiVE? Did you select the correct headset and microphone inside the wizard?
  • Sometimes the file (meeting.collab) will download and not automatically run.  Make sure you have the “Blackboard Collaborate Launcher” installed by locating the “meeting.collab” file in your downloads folder and double clicking on it to run.

Exploring LiVE

 Prior to your first session, you should browse these training resources:

Help Desk/Support

 Contact Blackboard Collaborate directly for all help with technical questions.

Online Help Desk:

  • read answers to commonly-asked questions
  • access Live Help via Live Chat

Toll Free Phone Assistance:  1 (877) 382-2293