Add Videos to Your Course Through Sharestream

Add Videos to ShareStream Library with Sharestream Course Media / Pick-n-Play

1. In Content page, create a Module (1) for adding Sharestream Course Media / Pick-n-Play.
2. Click ‘Add Existing Activities’ (2) and choose ‘External Learning Tools’ (3).

3. In ‘Add Activity’ window choose ’Sharestream Course Media / Pick-n-Play‘.

4. After you chose ‘Sharestream Course Media / Pick-n-Play’ option, you can see it appears in the module.

5. Click on ‘Sharestream Course Media / Pick-n-Play’ and a window where you can only upload videos will show up.

6. To allow students to upload video files make sure that your course name appears correctly (1). Click on ‘Folder Settings’ (2) and if you are interested in allowing students to submit media to the Instructor’s Media Inbox then choose this option and Save.


7. Click on Upload (1) and select files to upload or drag and drop (2).

8. After you chose a video wait while it’s processing. Meanwhile you can add ‘Description’.

9. Click on ‘Publish Asset’.

10. After adding a video to Sharestream folder, you can publish it using an embed code with Sharestream MediaManager.


Publish Media Using an Embed Code with Sharestream MediaManager

1. Go back to Module (1), Click on ‘Add Existing Activities’ (2) and choose ‘External Learning Tools’ (3).

2. In ‘Add Existing Activity’ window choose ‘Sharestream MediaManager’.

3. Go back to the Content page and in the Module click ‘Sharestream MediaManager‘.

4. You are transferred to ShareStream Library. Right-click on the asset (1) and select Show Embed Code (2).

5. In the popup window, select how you would like to publish the asset with/without password protection (1): 

  • To publish with password protection, keep the option checked for Asset published with password protection. 
  • To publish without password protection, uncheck the option Asset published with password protection. You will be prompted to confirm your selection.
  • Copy (Ctrl+C) the Embed Code (2) and paste it into an html page.

6. Go back to the Module where you need to place the Embed Code, click on ‘New‘ (1) and select ‘Create a File‘ (2).

7. Give a name (1) and click on ‘Insert Stuff‘ (2).

8. From Insert Stuff menu select ‘Enter Embed Code‘.

9. Paste (Ctrl+V) the embed code(1), click ‘Next‘ (2) and ‘Insert‘.

10. If you are ready to publish your video, click ‘Publish‘.