Using LEARN HTML Templates

Creating a New File with Templates

  1. In the Course Content section of your course, click New and select Create a File.
    New then Create a File
  2. Choose a template using the Select a Document Template drop down menu. Choose the template you want to use.
    Select Document Template

    Important: Selecting a template will overwrite all content in the file. If the file is not empty, copy all of the content in the file before choosing a template.
  3.  To edit images in the template, select the image and then select the Image Options icon:
  4. Select an image from your course or your computer:
  5.  Provide alternate text for screen readers and accessibility:

Editing the File

Important: The file in the editor does not accurately represent what the file will look like to a student. Save and close the file and view it outside of the editor for an accurate preview.
  1. Edit the text and add your own content. Be sure to use the correct heading structure starting with Heading 1 for the title, Heading 2 for subtitles, etc.
  2. To use the Elements template. Create a new file using the elements template.
  3. Copy the element you want to use and paste it into your working page.