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Adding a Quicklink in LEARN

Anywhere in LEARN that you can add blocks of text you gain access to the HTML text editor. This editor will allow you to have formatting capabilities similar to what is available in MS Word.

When adding a link within text in LEARN you will use the ‘Quicklink’ option available from the HTML text editor menu.  This is especially useful when referencing course content in areas such as the News tool.

The Quicklink will allow you to add links to internal elements of your course such as course content, quizzes, assignments etc. These links will update dynamically when the course content is copied to a new shell.

Simply click on the course item you wish to link to and it will show you a list of available items you can link. For example, clicking dropbox will show a list of all assignments in the course. You can then select the assignment you want to have a link pointing to.

There is the option to add a URL in the quicklink tool. This is available to link to external websites, but should not be used for linking to internal elements of LEARN such as a dropbox or quiz.

Do not copy a URL from the browser while in LEARN and add it to the quicklink tool this way. The URL you see in LEARN may be pointing to an instructor only view and therefore not visible for students. It will also be pointing to the specific version of the course you are working in and become unavailable once the course is copied. An example of a URL that should not be added to the URL option in quicklink is any URL that starts with https://learn.rrc.ca/d2l/….