For instructors:

Save time: You don’t have to keep grades in multiple places and separately report them to students. Using the gradebook keeps the grades tracked in a safe place and also communicates them to students as quickly as possible. But don’t worry, if you don’t want them to see certain marks you have final control over exactly what they see.

Student data: It gives you access to data on how the student is doing in the User Progress tool in LEARN. If you also assess in LEARN, you can drill down into each student’s specific answers, or access statistics about how questions were answered by the whole class. Over multiple terms it can give you data about the effectiveness of your assessment practice.

For students:

Easy access: Students can come to an easy to access location to find their grades. As soon as you record them they can be in your students’ hands. You can deliver feedback instantly too, through text, audio, or video.

For the College:

Analytics: It helps the College conduct analytics to identify problems or successes in programs. The data can be used to analyze the effectiveness of assessments as well as to determine if program changes need to take place to ensure student success. It’s a powerful strategy tool for modern educational institutions.