How long do I have access to old gradebooks?

You retain access to your course for 9 months after the end date, after which you will be automatically unenrolled. If you wish to regain access to a course from which you’ve been unenrolled, please contact LEARN Support.

Students will have access to the course for 21 days after the end date of their course in which time they can access their grades, feedback, and assessments.

Students will be unenrolled from the course 3 months after the end date.  Once the students have been unenrolled, there grades will no longer be visible in the gradebook.  Don’t worry though, all the data is still there and we can re-enroll students for grades retrieval by request.  If you wish to regain access to a student data, please contact LEARN Support.

Exporting Grades to Excel

The LEARN gradebook allows you to easily export your grades, or groups of grades to an excel spreadsheet.

  1. Click “Assessments”, and “Grades”
  2. Click “Enter Grades”
  3. Click “Export”
  4. You now must choose which settings you want.
    • Key Field
      • Org Defined ID – Student Number
      • Username
      • Both
    • Grade Values
      • Points grade – This option will include the points achieved on the grade item.  The first cell in the column will include all the info related to this grade item in its title.
      • Weighted grade – This is the value the grade item contributes to the final 100% of the course.
      • Grade Scheme – Displays the symbol set up in your grade scheme.  Typically this is the letter grade.
    • User Details
      • Last Name
      • First Name
      • Email – Due to settings on the LEARN email system this will simply export there username.
  5. Choose Grades to Export
    • In the example image below only the Final Calculated and Adjusted Grades have been selected for export.
  6. Click “Export to CSV” or “Export to Excel” depending on what spreadsheet application you prefer.

Exporting Grades Video:

Into the Future – Copying Courses

Re-offering your course is easy!  Simply copy your existing content from your last delivery or your development MASTER into the new course shell.

  1. Enter your Course
  2. Click “Edit Course” in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click “Import/Export/Copy Components”
  4. Click “Search for Offering”
  5. Enter the name of the course or MASTER you wish to copy from and click the search icon.
  6. Select the course or MASTER you would like to copy from
  7. Click “Add Selected”
  8. Click “Copy All Components”
  9. Follow the prompts, and your content will have copied from the specified course or MASTER to the new live course delivery.

Copy Course Components Video: