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Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies

What’s Watson Watching

January 2, 2019

Since RRC’s introduction of in Fall 2018, we have been pleased with the enthusiastic response from staff and faculty across the College. Thank you to everyone who has explored the possibility of using in their courses and to everyone who may have accessed for their professional or personal development.

As someone who deeply values learning, I am a keen user of as a way of broadening my horizons and helping me acquire new skills. As one of my New Year resolutions (and I use that word with some reservation since not all resolutions lead to their intended outcomes!), I have made a commitment to take time to focus on my own learning. I believe can help me achieve that goal.

To hold myself accountable to this goal, I’ll be sharing my journey with the College community on Wednesdays in Staff News over the next 8 weeks, as I watch and review videos. I’ll share my honest reviews with you, including my motivation for choosing the video and how it met (or didn’t meet) my expectations and learning goal(s).

I welcome your comments, feedback and your own reviews as I share What’s Watson Watching each week!