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Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies

One Instructor to One Classroom

June 15, 2018

Instructor to Classroom

One Instructor to One Classroom Diagram

Difficulty to Use: Low
Difficulty to Implement: Moderate
Cost: Moderate
Support Needs: Moderate (1 Person)

Equipment Needed:


  • 1 x Webcam
  • 1 x Microphone/Headset


  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x Room Microphone
    (per 10 students)
  • Speakers
  • 1 x TV / Projector
    (per 10 students)

Risks and Rewards

This model is effective when the receiving classroom is far away and wouldn’t otherwise have access to any instruction. The single instructor makes this model easier to deliver. It is important that there is a support person in the receiving classroom to ensure that technology is working properly and who can provide feedback to the instructor and answer questions for the class. The instructor will have to be skilled in engaging a class that is not in the same room. Classroom management and engagement can be challenging, especially for large classes.

Technology Considerations

The instructor must have a good quality microphone and webcam as well as a well-lit room and an excellent internet connection. The receiving classroom must have a good quality camera that tracks the speaker and room microphone(s) which are expensive. Two or more displays are ideal for larger classes. If this class is going to be synchronous (two-way), an excellent quality internet connection is required.

Recommended Hardware

Instructor Hardware

A good quality USB headset is recommended. This will allow for clear audio without distracting background noises (traffic, office, children, pet noises etc.) and will easily connect to any computer with a USB port.
“Logitech H390 Wired ClearChat Comfort USB Headset” is an easy to use, good quality headset that is generally available for $60 or less.

Many webcams will be sufficient. If looking to purchase a webcam the “Logitech C920 HD Pro” is a good quality webcam available for less than $100.

Classroom Hardware

An ideal scenario would be a dedicated WebEx classroom with dedicated Cisco hardware. This may be available or in development and we recommend reaching out to your coordinator/chair/program manager for more information.

A classroom mic must support noise canceling to be effective. A microphone placed in front of speakers that does not include noise canceling will often result in a feedback loop.
The “Phoenix Audio Duet” USB speaker and microphone combination is recommended and available generally for less than $200.

The “Logitech C920 HD Pro” is a good quality webcam available for less than $100 and includes an adjustable stand allowing for accurate positioning of webcam.

Example Scenarios