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Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies

One Instructor to Many Students

June 15, 2018

One Instructor to Many Students

One Instructor to Many Students Diagram

One instructor on their computer transmits to many students, each on their own computers.

Difficulty to Use: Low
Difficulty to Implement: Low
Cost: Low
Support Needs: Low

Equipment Needed:


  • 1 x Webcam
  • 1 x Microphone/Headset


Risks and Rewards

This model is the easiest and cheapest to accomplish. The instructor must be well prepared for class and know how to teach to students who are not together in the same room. This involves engaging students online in an interactive way. The class sizes for this model are limited and students will have to be prepared to set up their own technology.

Technology Considerations

The instructor must have a good quality microphone and webcam as well as a well-lit room and an excellent internet connection. Students must have time to prepare their own technology before classes and a few practice sessions will be required before the official start of classes. Students must also have a good internet connection for two-way communication.

Recommended Hardware

A good quality USB headset is recommended. This will allow for clear audio without distracting background noises (traffic, office, children, pet noises etc.) and will easily connect to any computer with a USB port.
“Logitech H390 Wired ClearChat Comfort USB Headset” is an easy to use, good quality headset that is generally available for $60 or less.

Many webcams will be sufficient. If looking to purchase a webcam the “Logitech C920 HD Pro” is a good quality webcam available for less than $100.