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Elmo Document Camera

December 5, 2014

The TLTC frequently assesses new software. We post parts of our internal reviews on our blog, but we do not necessarily endorse the technologies presented here. Please use this post for information only.

Elmo is a multimedia document camera that can spin around and get any angle you’re trying to achieve. It’s designed for educators looking to incorporate 21st century classroom technology to create dynamic lessons that enhance learning, interaction, creativity and academic performance of students.




This document camera is a valuable addition to your class in demonstrating documents or enlarging small objects by powerful zooming, and performing other functions like:

Elmo document camera has connection options to projector, PC and TV. You can take images or record your presentation on a computer that later can be used to create high-impact teaching materials. Also, this document camera can be used for creating Microvideo.

More information on the Elmo Document Camera other options can be found here:

The TLTC has Elmo Document Camera and other document cameras (Ladibug) available to help you create your own Microvideo.

If you are interested to learn more about Tools for Making Microvideo click here.