The Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing (TACAM) enables organizations to carry out their proof-of-concept and technology validation before investing in new technologies. We offer three types of services:

Applied Research and Development  |  Technical and Business Services  |  Training and Technology Diffusion

Applied Research and Development

Low capital risk applied research support.

Put our cutting-edge resources and expertise to work on your research project. We aim to help improve your organization’s processes, products and services so that you can thrive in today’s marketplace—and prepare for tomorrow’s.

Product and process development requires dedication, resources and technical expertise. TACAM provides teams of research professionals, faculty and students to support innovation. Industry benefits from College expertise and dedicated human resources.

Don’t have a research team?

We can put one together for you by drawing from our own expertise and that of our partners.

Technical and Business Services

Matching technology solutions and company’s operational capabilities.

Take advantage of our expertise, facilities and technologies using our fee-for-service activities. We provide technical services to support your manufacturing and aerospace activities. We’re also equipped to assist you with commercialization services.

Training and Technology Diffusion

Have access to Red River College Polytechnic’s network of expertise.

As organizations innovate by integrating new technologies, equipment, processes and products, learning becomes critical to realizing the benefits of that innovation. We offer flexible, best-in-class and cost-effective learning solutions led by industry-experienced instructors.

Knowledge dissemination during technology validation improves industry’s chances of success in operating newly adopted processes.