Technology Access Centre for Aerospace & Manufacturing


Areas of Expertise

The Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing (TACAM) focuses on key areas of expertise to support industry growth. Companies partner with us because of our experience and expertise in six areas:

Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

TACAM works with cutting-edge technologies to improve products or processes, which is essential to maintaining competitiveness of manufacturing companies. We support companies to research, develop, evaluate, monitor and maintain new and emerging technologies and materials with a focus on adding value to their operations.

The rate of technology adoption is also another important factor with TACAM. Creating practical solutions that are market-ready is a priority for our team.

Smart Factory / Learning Factory

TACAM works with the concepts of connectivity and autonomy to bring the technologies, processes and systems of a smart factory to life. A smart factory is a connected production facility that employs artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, analytics, big data and the Internet of things (IoT) to create autonomous processes. The idea of a smart factory is strictly related to the fourth industrial revolution (also called Industry 4.0).

With Red River College Polytechnic’s (RRC Polytech) Smart Factory, TACAM is also able to implement the idea of a learning factory, which is a realistic manufacturing environment dedicated to applied research, education and knowledge transfer. With that expertise, TACAM connects the industry community with RRC Polytech’s researchers, faculty and students to promote applied research and training, as well as technology and knowledge diffusion.

Manufacturing Automation and Robotics

TACAM provides support in the robotic field to help your organization to achieve more efficient processes. Manufacturing robots can help your team to achieve lower variance, optimal efficiency, and increased safety.

We also work with automated production lines, processes and systems. Our team is ready to support you with cutting-edge automated technologies, from fixed to flexible automation solutions. With additional automation, your team can focus on innovation and more intricate tasks that add value to your overall business goals.

Rapid Prototyping Technologies

Take advantage of our 3D prototyping expertise. With a focus on creating prototypes with agility and accuracy, our team has access to several prototyping techniques and equipment to make your ideas come to life. From computer numerical control (CNC) solutions to additive manufacturing – our 3D printers – we have the resources to make cost-efficient, rapid prototypes.

Non-destructive Inspection

Another area of expertise includes the inspection and analysis of a material, component, structure or system without causing damage to the original part – or non-destructive inspection (NDI). With NDI, you can discover characteristics, defects and discontinuities of a product or part. For the industry, our core areas of NDI expertise are X-Ray Computed Tomography (industrial micro CT), 3D Laser Metrology, Thermography and ultrasonic NDI.  We also have expertise in liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) and magnetic penetrant inspection (MPI).

Physical and Computer-based Simulations

For physical simulations, we replicate manufacturing processes, analyze these processes and use the data to solve key issues. For computer-based simulations, we create computer models of the manufacturing systems and products to then analyze them to find defects or improvement opportunities. Our core competencies include 3D CAD modeling and mechanical analysis, including Finite Element Modeling (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  We also work with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Systems Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and IIoT software. TACAM believes that through simulations, your organization can save time and money, while solving key manufacturing problems or practicing continuous improvement.

Our Experts

TACAM has many years of experience working with regional companies, fostering innovation in the manufacturing and aerospace industries. Our experts have been actively undertaking applied research activities at Red River College Polytechnic since 2002.

Dela OlaJanfizza Bukhari, Ph.D.
Director | 204.631.3430

Samantha Owsianski
Industry Liaison Manager | 204.631.3432

Allan PomanskiAllan Pomanski
Project Coordinator

Sarah HodgsonSarah Hodgson, C-E-T., C-A-C-E
Research Technologist | 204.632.2292

Ryan CummineRyan Cummine
Research Technologist | 204.632.2456

Turker SengozTurker Sengoz, M.Sc.
Research Specialist | 204.632.3433

Gbenga AsalaGbenga Asala, Ph. D.
Research Specialist | 204.632.2030

Vui Mai NguyenVui Mai Nguyen
Research Technologist | 204.632.3093

Riley CorneliusRiley Cornelius
Research Technologist | 204.631.3358

Jonathan CaplanJonathan Caplan
Research Technologist | 204.631.3357

Kevin RoordaKevin Roorda
Research Specialist

Noah GundersonNoah Gunderson
Research Technologist

Devin McArthurDevin McArthur
Research Technologist

Michael LachanceMichael Lachance
Research Manufacturing Technologist