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Commuter Challenge 2020

June 2, 2020

Commuter Challenge is a national event bringing attention to the significance of transportation, emissions on our environment, and highlights the physical and mental benefits of active transportation.

While most are adjusting to a new commute (a telecommute) – we can all participate in this annual event in a new way! From May 31- June 6, while you’re logging your telecommuting we challenge you to re-connect with your commute. This includes a walking Teams meeting, a coffee break bike ride, or even ‘re-creating your commute’ by cycling around your neighborhood before your workday begins. All in all, there are many benefits to sustainable commuting, and being active is important for both our mental and physical health.

A great time for fresh air

All you need to do is register here, log your telecommute and any other activity during the week. Not only are there workplace prizes at the end of this Challenge, we are also providing daily individual participant prizes. Every day during commuter challenge there will be a draw for a participating individual! We will be cycling to deliver a daily prize including our very own Creekside honey to sweeten your recipes, a Sustainability Contigo thermos to keep your coffee warm and spill-free in your home office, and a gift card to a St.Leon’s Garden for all your local treat and planting desires!

For more information and wellness tips on setting goals to continue active and sustainable transportation our Mental Health Coordinator, Breanna has provided the following tips:

Before setting a goal, take some time to think about how you are doing right now. Are you managing well and looking for an extra challenge? Or are you just barely fulfilling your current responsibilities while feeling overwhelmed? Understanding how you are currently managing will help you determine what you truly need right now.

Think about what your whole self needs. Consider your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self when setting a goal. What action(s) would support your whole self?

A challenge doesn’t need to be something new and big. It can be something you’ve done in the past and lost touch with. And it can be a daily action that feels small.

Engaging in a daily challenge can be good for your mental health. This is especially true if the daily task is just challenging enough without being unreasonable and it fits with your personal values. Fulfilling a daily goal, tracking it, and sharing success with others can help one feel a sense of control, satisfaction, and self-esteem.

Try to set an “approach goal” versus an “avoidance goal”. An avoidance goal is where you commit to taking something away (like driving a car) whereas an approach goal is where you commit to doing something satisfying (like walking around the block at lunchtime). Approach goals lead to a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction, and wellbeing.

We look forward to seeing you in action, logging your commutes this week, and carrying these tips forward into your future goal setting for safe, active, and sustainable commuting. Happy Commuter Challenge everyone!