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Sustainability: RRC takes Commuter Challenge GOLD!

July 7, 2015

commuter challenge



Congratulations to all RRC staff who helped us take GOLD in last months Commuter Challenge!

Not only did Manitoba and Winnipeg lead Canada in active commuting, but RRC had the highest percentage of participation in our organizational category. This is the first year RRC has received GOLD; we maintained a strong silver in 2013 and 2014.

102 staff members were active over the one week challenge. We (RRC) traveled 10,826 km, saved 775 L of fuel and avoided over 1506 kg of CO2! That’s the equivalent of running household electricity for 42 days. Check out “How much C02 is that?” for more interesting facts!

Carpooling was the mode of choice for RRC staff this year which represented 45%. Transit takers represented 23%, cyclists 22%, telecommuters 6% and scooters and walkers 4%.

It was also exciting to note that bike ridership increased 10% from last year. We hoped it was partly the result of offering Biking 101, a seminar(s) partnership between the Sustainability Office and Athletics and Recreation Services last April. If you missed the sessions, Dave Elmore taught us a lot about the anatomy of the bike, bike ridership, how to purchase a bike and we even went out and practiced some of our new skills. Click on this link to review the course slides.

Also a big “SHOUT OUT” to all of our regional campus commuters who registered and logged in under the RRC banner this year!

Thank you to The Commuter Challenge Provincial Coordinator and the Green Action Centre who kept us all organized during this national event!